Richard C. Reynolds, REPA, LEP, EP/AAI

After 13 years in banking including SunTrust Bank, in 1991 Mr. Reynolds was presented a unique opportunity to transition into the burgeoning environmental assessment field, consulting with Mortensen Engineering, Inc. In the 1990s, MEI’s main environmental clients were NationsBank, SunTrust and W.P. Ballard & Co., a wholesale dry cleaning supply company. In that timeframe, MEI produced hundreds of Phase I environmental site assessments, and investigated multiple sites for significant chlorinated solvent, petroleum and metals contamination throughout the southeast. In 1999, to better provide environmental consulting services to national land developers and builders, MEI formed Land Assessment Services, Inc. Spanning some 28 years, Mr. Reynolds has consulted on all types of environmental projects, bringing many to regulatory closure, and have assessed more than 1,500 sites throughout Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, and New Jersey. These would include most of the major land developments in the Tampa Bay area, and planned communities from Orlando to Naples. What has brought him the most satisfaction, beyond assisting his clients, has been the opportunity to assess large sections of historic Downtown Tampa, his hometown. Because of his vast and unique experience, Mr. Reynolds is unintimidated by even the most complicated project, and can ably serve his clients and their team of advisors at the highest level.

Mr. Reynolds has 28 years of environmental site assessment experience, including many large-scale multi-million dollar projects where his professional opinion was critical to closing the transaction. He understands the dynamics of “a deal,” having been in banking at a high level. In addition to being familiar and trained in AAI and ASTM standards, he is nationally (REPA, No. 2855) and state (LEP, No. 92) certified. Land Assessment Services, Inc. is a Florida-licensed professional engineering firm.

Richard C. Reynolds
Richard C. ReynoldsPresident

Our Specialties

Phase I environmental site assessments have evolved over time with the advent of the ASTM standards (ASTM Standard E 1527-13) and the EPA’s AAI rule, and LAS is trained and experienced in delivering an environmental site assessment product that conforms to the requirements of this rule. Moreover, the Mortensen companies have always produced a preliminary environmental site assessment product that has by far surpassed the standard of practice and local norms. Thus, our clients have time and time again turned to us on the most complicated sites with the most at stake. We will go anywhere in the continental United States, from Tampa, throughout Florida, the southeast, etc. to assess a property, as we are proficient in the use of nationally available environmental site research data.

Since we are affiliated with Mortensen Engineering, Inc., LAS has access to a team of safety-trained professionals including two Florida-licensed engineers, two Florida-licensed geologists, and three geologists in training. What’s more, we can react very quickly without involving sub-consultants to install groundwater monitoring wells and perform emergency remedial projects.

LAS offers a comprehensive array of other environmental services, and will arrange to provide other specialty services, such as complex site remediation, through a team of trusted sub-consultants and peers, if necessary.

LAS produces its reports in PDF documents transmitted by our document service and utilizes AutoCAD for drafting.