Phase I environmental site assessments are not normally the focus of environmental consulting firms. Because of market forces, there is always a ceiling to what the consulting firm can charge for a Phase I ESA, and then the impetus is on performing the assessment as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While all businesses should be run this way, in many cases, without adequate and applied training and experience, it is very possible for this segment of a firm’s environmental work to be given short shrift, with the environmental consulting firm relegating the work to junior personnel, who may or may not possess the well-rounded attributes necessary to cover all the angles presented in a complex due diligence case. Ultimately the assessor uses a cookie-cutter template to complete the report, which is then reviewed by a senior consultant who is likely dealing with far more profitable and complex projects. Then the fallback is a dispassionate listing of recognized environmental conditions without usable opinions in order to reduce the firm’s business risks caused by scratching only the surface of a particular case. Unfortunately, the person most likely capable to perform the Phase I ESA with the level of professionalism required is the senior person reviewing the work, and at this point, it’s far too late to check out other sources, or take another trip out to the site to “get another set of eyes on it.” So, you end up getting stuck with a set of conclusions that can only be resolved with “Phase II” testing, which is really the raison d’etre for offering Phase I ESA services in a large firm in the first place. In Land Assessment Services, Inc. you have in an environmental consulting firm the best of all worlds, a senior person doing it all. With 25 years of experience there is not much I haven’t seen or experienced. Sure, we have ways of doing our work efficiently and cost-effectively. But the initial examination is handled by the doctor, not a nurse or PA. Choose Land Assessment Services, Inc. for your environmental consulting needs–in Tampa, Florida, or anywhere for that matter–and you will have done yourself a great service, and you likely won’t pay a penny more than the hot-shot international environmental firm with the glitzy website.